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released November 18, 2016


all rights reserved



MESSYAH Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: afterlyfe
can you feel the soul
hear the father speak?
what’s invisible
how come your eyes can see?

the brain calculates
what the heart believes
and produces sight
without reasoning

standing alone
before a glassy sea
how can one be judged
beyond their deeds?

and i don’t know the makers mind
but i know i’m here to love i see it
afterlife, unknown, and unclear
we will die and rot beneath here

but its alright we’ll find our own way
Track Name: youth
i know i never come around
living in another state that isn’t here
but i hope you do the same
get up in your car
and drive away from here

all day darling
go find out where your heart’s at
i’m going to wait for you
create your path

i’m just scared to fail
should i travel, work
or just go back to school?
24 years i’ve been derailed
i’m obsessed with what you think
so i use auto-tune
last night i had a meltdown
(are these lyrics too cliche?)
millennial the fuck out
Track Name: exyst
out of time
lifted above the street-lights
see the clouds spread wide
ascend into a paradise?

it’s hard to feel the end around you
it’s hard to let go
death with still capture us all
and life to those that choose so
we’re going to get there soon

i’m the measure of all my acts
life is what you choose
existence preceding essence

out of time
i miss the way you held tight
don’t want to say goodbye
don’t want to feel the void in life

it’s hard belonging in the cosmos
so much i don’t know
convinced i’m here to exist

time and choice was all that I had
I see the end in view
have I made a better world at last?
Track Name: godlyke
i can’t see space between
like you do
stretched beneath
a concrete point of view
you see the sky: see the spirit
but i see you
no need to fear
discovery of the truth

it is such a tragedy
the truth lies undiscovered
resulting from the ignorance
of looking for the answers in the sky
to see more of a god
to be closer to god

do you need a complete
world to view?
settling in belief
that never moves
you see the sky: see the ending
but i see through
open my eyes
the transcending of the truth

finding rest in my belief
not found in faith but others
facts beyond experience
the freedom to possess an open mind
to see more than a god
Track Name: wayt
are we working this shit out?
i want to feel your body
learn about your soul
i’ve been working my shit out
i want to hear why you think
we exist at all

am i manic or depressed
or just ambivalent?
am i neurotic in my 20’s
and just numb?

come on baby
i don’t want to wait for love

are we working this shit out?
i’ve been reading lots of Nietzsche
missing calls
thought about killing myself
but i still think theres a purpose to it all

i’m just statically obsessed
to create meaning in this
and if this is all in my head
i should move along
Track Name: maybe (ft. Pallet House)
think about the faith
that you’re leaving
just a minute more

maybe you’re on the path
from believing
maybe you’re right
maybe you’re wrong
maybe it don’t matter

what’s the point in waiting for
something to believe in?
ease your mind
and what’s the point in saying
you believe it
is it for your soul
or for your conscience?

I feel like this is real
I feel like nothings real
Track Name: analyze
i’ll never choose

fall into my mind
fall into mind
fall into my mind
i overthink think it
around you
my feelings
estranged or new?
all I want:
a piece of your heart

fall into my mind
fell into my
i’m just outta time
just analyze
shit, I lose you?
maybe I don’t feel its true
all I want:
a piece of a heart

i’ll never choose
i refuse to believe it
don’t want to be
fucking hooked
on a feeling

I’ll never choose
I refuse to believe it
its nothing but death to me
i don’t want
a piece of a heart
Track Name: canvas (ft. Gwen Werner)
i may never know
maybe i’m just not that spiritual
as to if there is a choice
for who we are in this life
because we are all the same
confused about which way to go
we were thrown up on a stage
without a script to tell us what
to do or say
with our time
or how to spend our lives

your life’s a canvas:
go paint something beautiful
each day you’re dying:
die for something meaningful

so reflect on what you’ve done
see the colors on your hands
have you sketched to shape the world?
have you sketched to please yourself?
can’t get the brush out of your hands
take it color the earth
Track Name: breathe
will i be a waste
or do anything that matters anyway?
i want my soul to feel alive
but i don’t really know where to go
to do something with my time
that betters the world
and betters us all

so get out of my head
don’t think about it
breathe out or breathe in
the future is here
it’s my choice or my fear
breathe or our breathe in

the future is here
i’m scared that i’m not ready for it
have i misspent all i have?
don’t want to be a fucking waste
i’m a better man
my actions mean everything
i fall and get up again
and breathe out or breathe in

i don’t know where i’m going
but i’ll make it better there
Track Name: everybody else
I found a way out through
the window from the party in the backroom
my fears weren’t calming down
maybe I am stoned?
but I still got shit to find out

I keep asking: who am I?
what defines my being here?
more importantly why?
where do I belong?

Don’t want to be alone,
but tired of being somewhere else with you
I’ve been looking at my phone
comparing everybody else
I don’t know why

Don’t want to be alone
leaving everybody else and you
I had to smoke out on the porch
existential cry for help
A gun and a cigarette I hold
one kills fast and one slow

see my life pass by
check Instagram depend on likes
watch my shows at night
make ramen, try to get laid ,thats life?
work that 9 to 5
trading my time away
have I felt alive?
because someday I’m going to die
and on my gravestone it’ll say the words
“the thing I cared most about in this life is what you thought of me”
and all the things I didn’t do
I was so scared of not being as put together as you
but look at me now
Track Name: hygh
i miss the sun
i miss the days when i was young
when i was loved
i spoke with god
i followed him with all my heart
with no reply

but i’m keeping my head up

have you wasted time?
what will they say about your life?
when you are old
and can barely stand up
on your own
with hills to climb
not knowing what is on the other side
that it isn’t easy
but its so worthwhile

so i’m keeping my head up
Track Name: everlastyng lyfe
let me give you that real life
talking on your porch
i could do this all night
don’t need nothing more

can you tell just by the
look in my eye
that i’m saved?
cause baby you're
my jesus everyday

i don’t want to live forever
i don’t need to babe
i got nothing to prove
i don’t want to live forever its true
just give me this one life
next to you

i’ve been waiting all my life
your’re heaven to my soul
i feel it in the midnight
and its hell when you’re not here close
Track Name: feel
i don’t know what i’m doing
maybe it’s the long way down
a kid that’s scared as shit
to exyst

fuck, my hand, its bleeding
i punched the lamp in the front yard
maybe i’ll never be somebody

feel the moment
feel your breathe
i don’t want this to end
i don’t want to be afraid

i think about when i’m old
still wondering beneath the weight
“will my life matter if i’m not great?”

i don’t want this to end
feel the moment
feel your breathe
i don’t want to be afraid

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